Welcome to the Concord River Boater's Trail! This Trail is a guide to the outstanding resources along 10 miles of the Concord River. It highlights natural features, ecological areas, historical sites and places described in literature, all of which help to tell the rich story of the Concord River. On the Trail you will pass through the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge and its wide wetland floodplains which are habitat for many waterfowl.

The Trail is divided into 2 trips, each approximately 5 miles in length — just long enough for a half day trip. The river is generally quite slow moving and gentle, so it is possible to paddle downstream and then return upstream to your launch spot. Please do beware of windy or high water conditions that may impact both the time and ease of your trip. And please be safe and wear a life jacket (it is required by law).

Twenty nine miles of the Sudbury, Assabet and Concord Rivers were nationally designated as Wild and Scenic Rivers in 1999 because of their ‘oustandingly remarkable resource values’ including ecology, scenery, recreation, history and literature. This Boater’s Trail is one way to learn more about these rivers and their resources.